A piece of film history becomes backdrop for Rondekuil’s wedding photo shoots

Posted on Tue June 7, 2022.

Look closely at a few wedding photos taken at our Rondekuil function venue and you’ll notice that most of them will in some way feature this American 1930s style tram. Spot the “Pacific Electric” lettering as couples dreamily lean against the outside panel or pose on the seating inside the small carriage. It makes for a fun backdrop and adds a nostalgic vintage feel to your pictures. However, not many know the story behind this interesting transportation device, and it’s actually a pretty good one…

Believe it or not, this quirky old tram has “starred” in a Hollywood film! It was part of an elaborate  film set built for the movie “Ask the Dust” (2006, starring Colin Farrel and Salma Hayek – WOW!), which was filmed almost entirely in South Africa. The film is set in Los Angeles in the 1930s. A massive set was built at the Pinelands High School (in Cape Town), which simulated several streets in the city and the tram (on rails) was required to ply its trade up and down these streets – it has a large diesel engine which makes it mobile.

See if you can spot the tram in the film trailer!


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