Rondekuil Wedding Photographers – Jo-Ann Stokes

Posted on Tue June 7, 2022.

This week in our Rondekuil Venues Wedding Photography series, we feature talented photographer Jo-Ann Stokes. Jo-Ann was born in England and moved to South Africa as a child. She was fortunate enough to explore many parts of South Africa as her Dad was a traveller at heart and he also an enthusiastic photographer.

Jo-Ann photographed their very special day for Leigh & Nico. The pictures tell the story and can also be viewed on her blog here…
Rondekuil Venues Wedding Leigh & Nico – Part 1
Rondekuil Venues Wedding Leigh & Nico – Part 2
“I love to make people see the bigger picture” – Cape Town photographer, Jo-Ann Stokes views photography as the art of transforming moments that move, into everlasting memories.