Rondekuil’s New Venue

Posted on Tue June 7, 2022.

A barn located on the “werf” at Rondekuil is currently being converted into a multi-purpose venue. There are wonderful views from the barn: to the north-west is Koeberg Hill covered with vineyards and with lands being grazed by dozens of cattle, while to the south-west one has an iconic view of Table Mountain. Nearby – to the west, framed by extensive gardens and a dam, one can see the two quaint Cape cottages, which Rondekuil hires out as short-term accommodation.

The venue will be used to accommodate: a restaurant, a cosy pub, a display of works of art by local artists, wine tasting and conferencing as well as events, such as new product launches and weddings.

Below the venue, an area of about 1,5 hectare has been securely fenced off with netting wire, and lawns and indigenous trees planted. Some sheep, springbuck, rabbits and other small animals will be allowed to roam and graze in this area and will enable children to become more acquainted with nature and experience another dimension of life to which they are not normally exposed in an urban environment. A “jumping castle” and “jungle gym” will also be provided for children to entertain themselves, while their parents relax, enjoy a glass of excellent local wine and a tasty meal.

The venue will be computer friendly and covered by WiFi to enable guests to use their laptops. Newspapers and magazines will be provided and large TV screens will be available so that guests can relax in easy chairs and read to their heart’s content and/or watch sporting events on TV.

The venue will normally be open to the public during weekends, public holidays and school holidays, while, during weekdays, the venue will generally be used for corporate/business functions.

All going well, the venue will be open for business in April 2011 and will be able to accommodate up to about 100 guests.