Solo And Wings Party

Posted on Tue June 7, 2022.

Once a year, the Cape Town Flight Training Centre host their “Solo and Wings Party”Held by the Cape Town Flight Training Centre. The training centre was originally conceptualised by Finley Smith, 10 years ago, who is himself, an aerobatic pilot. Since then, the business has grown from strength to strength, currently boasting 5 aeroplanes and over 180 successful students who have achieved their commercial pilot license.

The training centre employs 8 full time instructors, and has 4 permanent office staff.

Because clients commit so much time and resources on training to become a pilot, the school hosts this annual “Solo and Wings Party” as a way of showing their appreciation to their students and supporters.

In total, 45 certificates and “golden wings” were handed out to students who achieved their commercial pilot license, and “solo certificates” were also awarded to those who had achieved their first solo flight.  It is customary (and traditional) that, when they are awarded their Solo Certificates, their ties are cut, symbolizing the cutting of the umbilical cord at birth.  As the new born is no longer dependent upon the mother, so too are the new pilots no longer dependent upon the instructors.

Another custom for those who have achieved their first solo flight is that they have to drink a shot of “Molotov Cocktail”, which is specifically blended and prepared the night of the event.  This extraordinary cocktail is made up of sardines, guava juice, brandy and vodka, and is of course a highlight of the event.

Thai food was served to the 120 guests attending the “Solo and Wings Party”, and afterwards, they kicked back with cigars and partied well into the night.

The Cape Town Flight Training Centre is based at the Fisantekraal Airfield, and you can view their website on :