CSI Team Building

Here’s your chance to be like Grissom, Willows, and Horatio as you take part in your own Crime Scene Investigation Team build.


Crime Scene Investigation is a team building event where your team gets to do all the intricate sleuthing, while working together in this extremely fun team building game.

Teams will investigate and solve crime scenes based on subtle clues that will be placed along the way. Only by cracking one case can the team move onto the next case..  Just like the CSI tv show teams will have to re-enact to other teams how the crime scene would have unfolded from their perspective. 

Over the course of the event you will see participants’ attention to detail, ability to work as a team, leadership skills and problem solving skills put to the test.


The overall cost is based on the actual number of persons, who will participate in the team building programme, multiplied by the prices applicable to the number in a team building group, as given below:


R1 250 per person VAT Inclusive for a group of 10 – 15 pax
R1 000 per person VAT Inclusive for a group of 16 – 25 pax
R900 per person VAT Inclusive for a group of 26 – 50 pax
R850 per person VAT Inclusive  for a group of over 51 pax

LESS THAN A FULL DAY TEAM BUILDING PROGRAMME QUOTE – Should this be required, please request a quote for a shorter team building programme and indicate whether provision of lunch should be included in the quote.


Pricing is inclusive of the following:

  • Venue Hire
  • Tea Break with snacks
  • Lunch & Dessert
  • Activity Service Fee
  • Individual armbands for each delegate based on team colour selection
  • CSI Investigation Props
  • All equipment required for activities
  • Professional Facilitation
  • Prizes for the Winning Team
  • Photos of the event provided back electronically

Kindly Note that this price does not include soft drinks or alcohol. A tab can be run for your convenience and settled at the venue at the end of the day.

If you require any additional information, or would like to alter the programme in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are focussed on ensuring that the team build meets your needs.