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    Seeking affordable function venues or party venues in Durbanville?

Functions & Parties

Rondekuil Estates is situated near Cape Town and offers one of the best and most affordable function venues in Durbanville. With beautiful views of the countryside, our venue is ideal for corporate and private parties, anniversaries and weddings.

If you are struggling to find affordable party venues in Durbanville and surrounds, Rondekuil might be it! Our venue comfortably accommodates up to 150 guests and this still leaves sufficient space for dancing. We will take care of the positioning and layout of the tables, taking your party and requirements into account. We supply round tables, that can seat 6 to 10 guests each.

If you are having a smaller function, we can also accommodate you! We offer a set of attractive screens that can be used to cordon off a specific area of the venue which is not required for the function. Not only is this a practical solution, it also tends to leave the space looking cosier and feeling more intimate.

How it works

As a premium function venue, we at Rondekuil Estates aim to assist our clients with the planning of their event to make sure that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. Please read further for more information on what is included in the venue hire fee, and what is not included.

Serving Food

For large functions and parties, food is usually served buffet-style. We present the food on two large granite tables, on the side of the venue near the kitchen, for guests to dish for themselves.

Should a client require food that is not included in the standard menu, it can be arranged in consultation with Rondekuil Estates’ management.


Cash Bar

During any function or party, there is a cash bar in one corner of the venue, where two friendly and helpful barmen serve guests. If guests want to run a tab for the duration of the event, a cash deposit is required beforehand to cover the cost of drinks throughout the party or, alternatively, payment can be made using a credit or debit card, by arrangement with the Venue Manager.

Accommodation at Rondekuil Estates

We have comfortable accommodation options available at Rondekuil Estates, for up to 24 guests. Guests can choose between B&B and self-catering options which are available at reasonable prices. Should you or your guests require accommodation during a weekend, then we require that guests book accommodation for a minimum of 2 nights. However, there are 3 units available in our Country Lodge, that can sleep up to six guests, where delegates/guests, attending functions, can stay for one-night over weekends.

Other accommodation options are available at various guesthouses in the Durbanville area, which is only a 10-12 minutes’ drive from Rondekuil.

Function Arrangements

Rondekuil Estates’ highly experienced Venue Manageress will assist you with planning the function and will advise you regarding who to contact for any outside services you may require. Our aim is to make sure that your function is planned thoroughly, in order to make the lead up to function is as stress free as possible and to ensure that all those attending the function can enjoy the celebrations to the full.

Securing Deposit

To secure the hiring of our venue for your function, we require that a deposit of R10 000 be paid upfront. This deposit is part of the total venue hire fee.

Annual Increases

The venue hire fees and catering costs mentioned above are applicable from 1 October 2022 until 30 September 2023, and will increase with 5 -10% on the 1st of October 2023.

The venue hire price includes:

  • Venue
  • VAT
  • Tables, chairs and glasses
  • Secure parking for the bridal party and wedding guests
  • Bar staff

The following is excluded from the venue hire price:

  • Table decorations, centre pieces and flowers
  • Food and beverages
  • Any music requirements, like a DJ or band, along with the required sound equipment
  • For self-catering only: Crockery, cutlery, white linen (including napkins), serving and cleaning staff
  • Service charge – if you are satisfied with the service you can reward the staff with a gratuity, which will be much appreciated and shared amongst the venue staff

Contingency and Breakage Deposit
Refundable deposit required to cover any damages, breakages and contingencies: R2 000

Catering by Rondekuil
We have introduced 3 new menus, the prices of which are given below:
 - Silver Menu: R350/guest 
 - Gold Menu: R400/guest 
 - Platinum Menu: R450/guest 

We can also offer a lamb spit braai at about R430/guest - the actual price depends on the number of courses required.

The above menu options can be viewed by clicking on: MENU SELECTION. The above menu prices include the supply of crockery, cutlery, glassware, white linen (including napkins) and extra staff for serving and cleaning.

We are willing to discuss and provide a quote for any alternative menu you may wish to have served at the reception.


Hire of Venue: Peak Season Saturdays & Public Holidays Fridays & Sundays   Monday to Thursday  
Up to 40 guests: R22 000 R18 000   R16 000  
41 to 80 guests: R23 000 R19 000   R17 000  
81 to 120 guests: R25 000 R20 000   R18 000  
121 to 150 guests: R27 000 R22 000   R19 000  


The Venue Hire Fees for Winter 2023 are Reduced as follows:

Hire of Venue: Peak Season Saturdays & Public Holidays Fridays & Sundays   Monday to Thursday  
Up to 40 guests: R19 000 R15 000   R14 000  
41 to 80 guests: R20 000 R16 000   R15 000  
81 to 120 guests: R21 000 R17 000   R16 000  
121 to 150 guests: R22 000 R18 000   R18 000  


Self- Catering
The cost for self-catering will be R100/guest and entitles you to make use of Rondekuil’s catering facilities (eg crockery, cutlery, glassware, white linen (including napkins), limited use of kitchen equipment etc and a Duty Manager as well as staff for serving and cleaning). When a client undertakes to self -cater, the food needs to be prepared off-site and merely kept hot and served at the Rondekuil Venue.

Tab Deposit
A cash bar or a “tab” can be run. If a tab is run, a deposit for the required tab amount needs to be paid with other charges and fees before the wedding date.

A wine corkage charge is levied on wine supplied by a client:
Corkage needs to be paid, with other charges, before the function - R20/bottle

Within fourteen days after the function, any amount of the tab deposit or the contingency and breakage deposit that remains unused by the end of the function, will be refunded to our client by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

To host your birthday, or any other special occasion, at one of the most stylish and affordable party venues in Durbanville, do not hesitate to give us a call to arrange a viewing of our facilities.

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